I.C.S. Minor Requirements

Students walk down a pathway to classIn general, a student must complete three credits in each category identified below, with the exception of the professionalism/career management category, selected from a list of approved courses. Courses should be selected in consultation with your major advisor.

To complete the requirements of the professionalism/career management category, a student must successfully complete UNIV 450 and two additional credits.

In some of the minor categories, a student may substitute an internship, co-op, undergraduate research, study abroad or other REAL experience (Level III-IV) for the required three credits, or the experience itself may be assigned 0 credits (e.g., COOP 398). In such a case, the student must complete three additional credits from the remaining categories. Students should discuss such substitutions with the minor advisor prior to enrolling in the substitute course.

Please note: Some classes listed below are restricted by major. Consult with the bulletin and with the minor advisor to find the right classes for you.

Reach out to us at icsminorbis@vcu.edu with any questions you have, or talk with your major advisor about joining the I.C.S. minor today!