Richard Quarshie, M.A.-Senior Advisor, Interdisciplinary Studies

818 W. Broad Street 

Richard Quarshie joined the Interdisciplinary Studies Program in September 2019 after successfully completing the Master of Arts in Communication and Development program at Ohio University. Originally from Ghana, West Africa, his interests involve using communication as a tool to foster the growth and development of individuals and society as a whole. Prior to attending Ohio University, he earned a Master’s Degree in Development Communications with a focus on Health Communications at the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Having a profile that is informed by trans-Atlantic experiences in very different cultural contexts makes his academic background unique. In fall 2022, Richard was promoted to Senior Advisor for Interdisciplinary Studies. 

He enjoys working in multi-disciplinary fields ranging from communications and media to information technology and in the last five years, education. He is also passionate about motivating and guiding young students to move past the challenges before them in order to become successful.

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